Why us?


Manufacturing – we are manufacturing a wide range of food products.

Brand – Our brands are well known all over Ukraine, as we are in all major networksand almost in all outlets of the country.

Reputation- the Corporation and the people managing it are cherishing our name, and you will feel it from the first minutes and this feeling will not leave you during the time while you cooperate with us.

Our Prices are cheaper, because all of the services we providing are done by the other companies of our Corporation.

Quality – we offer only 100% origin oil; our oil has no impurities, which is often used to reduce the cost (palm oil, chicken fat etc.).

Guarantee and security-  after preliminary negotiations, and after  verifying  that you are a potential client, we will invite you to visit our office, manufacturing and warehouse space, and we  present  you  some of the companies and organizations that we work with, whose opinion will have value for you.

Control – you personally or your surveyor can check the goods in stock any time before shipment. Even if none of you will be able to visit us, we will give you the opportunity to watch the loading process with the help of digital technologies.

Support – our team will accompany you from the beginning of the transaction to its completion, remaining in touch 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Comfort - this website is designed to make easier examination of the product which you are interested in, not spending a lot of time looking for interesting prices, reliable quality and best delivery methods – we will do all these for you, free of charge. You will get the information that you need in a single click. We have already spent time and money to find out the best ways on filtering and monitoring. Why should it be spent by you again?

Experience – we can confirm our experience in import and export transactions, not only on words, but by the original shipment documents providing.